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Lieber Fremder,

Lieber Fremder,

today the day dawned beautiful. I woke up a little earlier than usual and the sun was deliciously warm. This is the fifth time I am writing in German and I am using a translator site, so forgive me for the mistakes. Being someone in a new territory requires some strategies and I feel that writing letters is like scattering seeds. Maybe some flowers will sprout spontaneously, and it is springtime, isn't it?

Yesterday, in an online class about nature experiences through art, I heard this sentence: You have to lie down on the ground to enter a territory. Dear stranger, do you know Marina Abramovic? She is a performance artist, and in one of her works she walks backwards holding a small mirror in a garden. The mirror works as a rear-view mirror, or rather as a future-view mirror. It is through it that she sees the way forward. Today I tried to reproduce this performance, but as soon as I started I was taken by another idea. I put my forehead against the ground and watched what was happening on the ground. There were still dew drops on the leaves and the sun was transforming them into prisms. It was amazing and I lost track of how long I stood there. Would you dare to look at the soil so closely? Here are some guidelines to make the experience easier for you:

- go to a garden in the morning

- choose a place on the grass

- put your hands on the ground

- stand on all fours

- look between your legs and see the world upside down (this step is important. It is the first signal to your brain that things will be different from then on)

- lean the top of your head on the ground

- use this support to rest your head

- move your head a little and rest your forehead on the ground

- keep your eyes open

- stay.

On the envelope you will find my address. If you wish, feel free to write to me. Since we are in the same world and now closer than ever, I will greatly appreciate knowing anything you want to share.

Herziliche Gruße,


(I have been reflecting on the hell of chaos and the hell of order. I think I prefer the hell of chaos but lately I'm not sure about anything. And you, which do you prefer?)

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