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Under the skin

Dora, 2018

Fabric, photography, thread and gemstones. 

10cm x 4,5cm.

Cândida, 2016

Fabric, photography, thread and pearls. 

15cm x 10cm.

Under/over the skin.
I discover from the skin inside that honoring is also letting go of the exoskeletons of those who came before me.
Discover is a direct transitive verb and pronominal, says the Grammar woman. And even though I don't know what that means without commas anymore, it's nice to discover myself transitive, direct, pronominal and with commas.

Brooches made with pictures of women in my family and pieces of heirloom jewelry. An investigation into the layers that make me up and how my questions about life, feminism, patriarchy and values are both our bond and our freedom.

Produced with tulle, colored gemstones, thread and metal.

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